Eco yoga mats for kids

A short article helping you to find the best eco yoga mats for kids.

Children’s eco mats for yoga are pretty much the same as adult mats for yoga, just smaller and with a different choice of colors and patterns.

They are popular because kids love to have a smaller version of what mummy or daddy have and children’s yoga mats are much easier to roll and unroll and carry around.

I have one major worry with children’s mats for yoga.  It’s the same concern I have with standard adult yoga mats but it is even more relevant for kids.  It’s also particularly important for pregnancy and prenatal yoga.

There are some serious health and environmental concerns over PVC.  So much so that it is becoming known as the poison plastic. Most standard sticky yoga mats are made of PVC.  Chemicals called phthalates are added to make them flexible (as much as 60% by weight).

Phthalates are not chemically bound to the PVC so they leach out of the yoga mat over time, into the air and onto skin that comes into contact with the PVC yoga mat.  This is a problem for all of us but children tend to chew and roll around in things like yoga mats.

In lab tests phthalates have caused genetic abnormalities to the sexual organs of male rats. In humans the feminization of boys may be linked to exposure in the womb. Phthalates have been banned from use in children’s toys in Europe because of the health risks.  The phthalate industry argues that there is no evidence of the same effect in humans but why take the risk with a yoga mat?  .

This isn’t meant to be a scare story.  There’s no need to panic.  Just buy a PVC free eco mat for yoga instead.  Modern Eco friendly yoga mats are pretty much identical to standard, cheap sticky yoga mats and they don’t have to cost the Earth.

If you’re buying a yoga mat make sure it’s an eco mat – yoga is all about healthy choices.

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Eco Mat Yoga

Isn't it great to see kids enjoying yoga.

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