Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Options – What’s best for you?

A short article to help you choose the best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

You’ve read the articles on the horrors of PVC yoga mats and phthalates and you’ve probably turned your smelly, old yoga mat into a pair of shoes! But, just how do you choose the best environmentally friendly yoga mat to replace it?

Most people buy a PVC sticky yoga mat because they’re cheap, comfortable but firm, provide decent grip and a choice of colors and patterns.

I’m going to keep this article simple by assuming you want something similar to a standard sticky yoga mat but more eco friendly, better for your health and better for the environment.

I’m not going to discuss jute yoga mats or cotton yoga mats in this article, just rubber yoga mats and eco foam yoga mats.

Rubber Yoga Mats

Rubber is almost the perfect material for eco friendly yoga mats. It’s natural and sustainable (as long as it’s from sustainable forests). Rubber is really dense but springy, so rubber yoga mats are great for the perfect combination of balance and comfort.

The best premium eco yoga mats are made of rubber but, they have three drawbacks.

  1. Rubber yoga mats are heavy so they can be a pain to carry around
  2. Rubber yoga mats smell. Some people love the smell, some hate it but it does fade over time.
  3. Rubber yoga mats contains latex and some people are allergic to latex

Eco Foam Yoga Mats

As a response to the dangers of PVC two eco friendlier versions of flexible plastic are now used for eco yoga mats. These are TPE and PER or Thermoplastic Elastomers and Polyurethane Environmental Resin. You can do your own research on the chemistry of yoga mats (if you’re interested) but for this article, all we need to know is that both of these compounds come in dozens of varieties, some of which include rubber.

Every Eco Foam Yoga Mat will be slightly different so you need to check with the supplier exactly what the benefits of their yoga mats are. Eco Foam Yoga Mats can be-

  • Biodegradable
  • Phthalate free
  • PVC free
  • Dioxin free
  • Lead free
  • Cadmium free
  • Produced in a more environmentally friendly way than PVC

Make sure your new environmentally friendly yoga mat ticks as many boxes as possible. If you have a latex allergy check that your TPE or PER ecomat doesn’t contain latex.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Prices

Many people are happy to pay premium prices for the best eco credentials and the best quality yoga mats, and that’s great BUT times are tight so, it’s important to realise that you can also now, find excellent extra thick, extra long, eco yoga mats for around $15. If you’re just starting off, buy one of those instead of a PVC yoga mat.

Like all things it’s a question of balance. You may not be able to buy the perfect Eco Yoga Mat but you can do a lot better than the standard PVC mat.


If you can afford it and you aren’t allergic to latex and don’t mind the temporary smell go for a rubber yoga mat like this or this

If money’s no object go for something like this

If cost is an issue or you’d really just like a light foam eco friendly yoga mat then go for TPE or PER like this one . It’s less than $15.

Our personal favorite and a really great middle of the road Eco Friendly Yoga Mat is this one

If you’d like more detail take a look at our latest article ‘The Eco Mat Yoga best selling eco friendly yoga mats review’ or click here for more general advice on where to buy a yoga mat.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Thought you might like a breath of fresh air!

Eco Yoga Mat Suppliers and Producers

A short overview of  the best selling Eco Yoga Mat suppliers with links to their most popular Eco Friendly Yoga Mats and reviews

The vast majority of discount yoga mats are manufactured in China but many of the premium eco yoga mats are made in the USA. We think it’s important to know who you’re buying from so here’s some background on the major companies.

Click on the links to see each company’s eco friendly range of yoga mats and loads of customer reviews.

Based in Chicago, IL since 1987, Bean Products Inc are proud to manufacture their eco yoga mats in the USA . “Passionate about our planet and crazy about comfort” is how they describe themselves.

Bean Products range of Eco Yoga Mats is aimed at the price concious end of the market and their most popular is Amazon’s best selling Eco Yoga Mat.

Click here for Bean Products Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews

The company president of Aurorae, Dennis Ingui, developed his passion for yoga as it helped him through as a cancer survivor nine years ago.

Aurorae is New Jersey based and produces an excellent range of mid priced Eco Yoga Mats.

Click here for Auorae Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

Manduka are firmly committed to environmentally friendly production. But, what do you do when have the world’s best selling premium yoga mat but it isn’t quite as Eco friendly as you’d like? California based Manduka’s best selling Manduka BlackMatPRO Yoga and Pilates Mat is widely recognised as the ultimate yoga mat but it does contain some PVC. Of course the BlackMatPRO is extremely durable. You can argue that it’s the only Yoga Mat you’ll ever need so, you save the environment by not buying so many Yoga Mats in your life time.

Manduka also make an excellent range of premium Eco Yoga Mats.

Click here for Manduka Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

I’m not sure how many things Conshohocken, Pennsylvania is famous for. Maybe someone can enlighten us? But, that’s where the undoubtedly famous Jade Yoga has it’s home.  Jade Industries have been making non-slip natural rubber products since the early  and Jade Yoga grew naturally out of this base.

Jade developed the first natural rubber yoga mat (the Harmony) and now produces a good range of mid priced eco yoga mats.

Click here for Jade Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

New Yorker, Jim McDade, founded Agile Fitness in 2006.  Agile is dedicated to providing home workout programs via the Internet but also produces exercise equipment.

We really like the Agile Eco Yoga Mat it’s an excellent eco yoga mat at almost discount prices.

Click here for Agile Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

Natural Fitness are Chicago based and founded in 2007.  Their aim was to provide an Eco Friendly response to the low quality and environmentally harmful products seen in yoga and Pilates studios.

Natural Fitness provide a range of excellent value Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

Click here for Natural Fitness Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

prAna (that’s how they spell it) is a very interesting company based in California. prAna are totally committed to the environment and this is reflected in their innovative Eco Yoga Mats.

This is what they say about themselves “Every day we learn something new about the world and our need to be global citizens. We have set our intentions on what matters most to us and have made a commitment to align our actions with our values”.

Click here for prAna Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

Gaiam are a lifestyle company based out of Boulder, Colorado and committed to health, wellness and green living.  Gaiam sell a huge range of lifestyle products including yoga mats.

Many of their yoga mats are PVC but they do sell a range of Eco Yoga Mats

Click here for Gaiam Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

Kulae are based in Norwell, MA and live by their mantra “karma’s realTM… that what goes around comes around, and that we all have a responsibility to our communities and to each other..

We like Kulae. They are one of the few yoga mat companies that only sell Eco Yoga Mats and all lines of their tpECOmats are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and contain NO PVC, NO latex, NO cadmium, NO lead and NO rubber (that means NO allergies).

Click here for Kulae Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

Hugger Mugger
Sara Chambers founded Hugger Mugger 27 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hugger Mugger have grown to become one of the most recognised yoga mat brands due to their emphasis on style and innovation.

Hugger Mugger sell a wide range of yoga products including Eco Yoga Mats

Click here for Hugger Mugger Eco Yoga Mats and customer reviews.

We’ve picked our favorite Eco Yoga Mat from each of these companies and pulled them together into our selection of the best Eco Yoga Mats in our article “The Eco Mat Yoga best selling eco friendly yoga mats review”. You can find the best prices, read our recommendations and check customer reviews there.

There are hundreds of online yoga supplies stores but we like to be sure of who we buy from. is the easiest, and usually the cheapest, place to buy Eco Yoga Mats online.

Eco Mat Yoga

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

The Eco Mat Yoga best selling eco friendly yoga mats review

This is our selection of the best selling Eco Yoga Mats from each of the top ten bestselling Eco Yoga Mat suppliers and manufacturers

For more information on the best Eco Yoga Mats, and loads of customer reviews, just click on the pictures or text links in the article below.


is 72 inches long and double thick at ¼ inch (6.3mm).  It’s washable and comes in a range of colors. This eco yoga mat is a low priced, high performance, easy care, eco yoga mat. It does not contain dioxins, toxic phthalates or heavy metals and is manufactured using an ecologically safer method of production. It is made of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin).

If you’re looking for a great Eco Yoga Mat yoga mat at a great price, this is it!


Is manufactured from a newly designed eco friendly material and is good value, easy to care for and durable. Machine washing on a hot setting is actively encouraged to break this eco yoga mat in.  It is 72 inches long, ¼ inch thick and comes in a range of colors with a focal point icon to aid concentration.


The legendary is so durable it carries a lifetime guarantee and is well known for its dense cushioning and fabric finished non slip surface but it does contain PVC so we’ve included the more eco friendly natural rubber and sea-grass Manduka eKO Yoga Mat instead.

The Manduka eKO yoga mat is a natural rubber, biodegradable, closed-cell mat that is designed for durability and comfort, The eKO mat is longer, wider and thicker than the average size yoga mat, at 71 inches long, 26 inches wide, 5mm thick and it weighs in at 6lbs.


Jade Yoga’s most popular premium eco yoga mat is made of natural rubber and contains no PVC.  The Jade Harmony Professional comes in 74  and 68 inch lengths and is 3/16 ths of an inch thick providing a good balance of traction and cushioning.


is a comfortable yoga mat, ¼ inch thick, 24 inches wide and 68 inches long. It is made of recyclable TPE, so it’s PVC-free, latex-free, durable, lightweight and biodegradable.


Is, unsurprisingly, made of rubber. This eco friendly yoga mat comes in a variety of two tone colors and is natural and bio-degradable.  It’s 24 Inches wide by 69 inches long and 3/16 inch thick.


prAna claim that this is the best yoga mat available on the market, and if you check out the customer reviews you’ll see that most people who’ve bought it definitely agree.  The prAna revolution is extremely roomy. The average yoga mat is 24″x68″ but this Yoga Mat is a huge 30″x78″ and a comfortable 4mm thick. It’s a rubber-based all-natural yoga mat and it’s completely biodegradable.  The Revolution Yoga Mat is very dense so it’s heavy at about 10 pounds. There’s a slightly lighterweight version of this yoga mat,  the Neo Natural Yoga Mat by prAna. The only difference is that it’s 4″ narrower.


Gaiam tend to aim for the bottom of the market and mainly sell patterned PVC Yoga Mats so their best selling Eco Yoga Mat is also cheap and cheerful.  This sticky mat is 3mm thick and made from non-toxic TPE, which contains no PVC or latex. It measures 68 x 24 inches and weighs 2 pounds.


This is a really thick mat at nearly 1/2″ and it’s extra long at 72″.  The Kulae tpECOmat Ultra is constructed using closed cell technology (so germs, bacteria + odor can’t penetrate the mat surface), and it’s allergen free, 100% Biodegradable, 100% Recyclable,  PVC- and Latex-Free


And now for something a little more unusual! Hugger Mugger are developing a greater choice of Eco Friendly Yoga Mats and their best seller is this Jute Yoga Mat with a non-slip backing of PER.  It’s very light at only 2lbs. The Jute Sattva Yoga Mat measures 68 x 24 x 0.4 inches.

What are eco yoga mats made of?

If you’re looking for the best eco mat for yoga you’ll want to know what eco yoga mats are made of ……

Once upon a time ….. not so very long ago ….. if you wanted a sticky mat for yoga but didn’t want a PVC yoga mat, you didn’t have much choice apart from rubber.  Rubber yoga mats are great (unless you have a latex allergy) but there’s plenty of other choices now.

Rubber Yoga Mats
Most of the premium eco friendly yoga mats are made of rubber.  They are durable yoga mats and provide excellent cushioning and grip.  Rubber is a natural and renewable resource tapped from rubber trees.  It can provide the perfect yoga mat if you’re concerned about the environment, but some people complain about the smell.

Rubber contains latex so rubber yoga mats are not suitable for latex allergy sufferers.

PER and TPE Yoga Mats
TPE and PER are new plastics without the health and environmental concerns of PVC and without the allergy problems of latex.

TPE and PER yoga mats look and feel very similar to standard sticky  yoga mats but, they are environmentally friendly, non toxic and biodegradable.

They combine grip and comfort with eco credentials but they don’t contain rubber so are perfect for yogis and yoginis with a latex allergy.


Some manufacturers combine latex and TPE or PER in their yoga mats so check carefully before you buy.  If you want an excellent eco yoga mat (1/4 inch) that is latex free as well as PVC free, check out the Agile Eco Yoga Mat.

Jute/Sea-grass Yoga Mats
Jute and Sea-grass are hard wearing, natural and sustainable.  In eco yoga mats they are usually combined with rubber to provide padding and grip.

Wool Yoga Mats
Some people recommend sheepskins as eco yoga mats but I’m not convinced.  Seems to me they would be very slippery unless you grip the wool between your toes.  Comments please …….

Felted woollen blankets can be used as eco yoga mats but they slip on wooden floors and to be honest, really aren’t very comfortable.

Cotton Yoga Mats
There are two main types of cotton eco yoga mat.

The tightly woven, traditional decorative cotton yoga mats are good for soaking up perspiration in ashtanga yoga and, in fact, as the mat gets wetter the grip increases.

These cotton yoga mats are much thinner than foam eco yoga mats but people like the traditional look and style so they are used on top of a sticky eco yoga mat.

Interstingly, many of the yoga mats advertised as ‘traditional’ are actually made of man made fibers so, do your homework if you’d rather have natural cotton.

The extra thick, futon type, cotton yoga mats are designed for restorative yoga and meditation and not for standing and balancing poses.  They’re to bulky for a yoga class but many people use them for relaxing at home.  Some people even throw away their furniture and have these extra thick cotton yoga mats instead.

Futon style eco yoga mats are usually made with a cotton outer layer and stuffed with padding. This padding could be natural or man made and can give off toxins so again, do your homework.  Organic cotton yoga mats are best.

So, avoid PVC yoga mats and if you want a firm, durable, premium eco yoga mat consider rubber yoga mats.  If you have a latex allergy or just want a cheap eco yoga mat that’s pretty much the same as the sticky yoga mat you’re used to, choose PER or TPE.  If you want a more ethnic look and a more natural feel then buy a traditional cotton yoga mat to go on top of your other eco yoga mat.  Then buy an extra thick organic cotton yoga mat to sink into and meditate when you you get home!

If you’re looking for value for money and lot’s of customer reviews then check out

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This is where your rubber yoga mat comes from - a rubber tree ...